The American Covenant

This book should be required reading in every Sunday school and Christian school (and public schools) in America. Marshall Foster did a masterful job describing the flow of ideas that led to the rise of liberty in Western Civilization. He showed the covenantal link that ties our nation back to the Bible as the source for our liberties. This book had a major impact in my early life as a Christian. I realized that the Bible is God's gift to the world and that without it - we are lost as a people. However, the book shows faithful Christians have always sought out the purposes of God and the result has been blessing to cultures when they apply the biblical principles of God's word to their lives and their cultures. I highly recommend this book to every Christian parent that wants their child to understand how powerful God and his Bible are in transforming the world for the good. It is not what they will get exposed to if they go to the public schools of America. Instead, they will get a view of Christianity and our nation as a criminal enterprise out to rape the land and steal from the native Indians. Our children need to be exposed to the real history of our founding as a nation in covenant with God by our early founders. This makes a great follow-up to the movie "Monumental" by Kirk Cameron and friends. Other references: Who Are We?: The Challenges to America's National Identity Law and Revolution, II: The Impact of the Protestant Reformations on the Western Legal Tradition (v. 2) The Covenant: One Nation Under God - America's Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel America's Providential History (Including Biblical Principles of Education, Government, Politics, Economics, and Family Life)

Marshall Foster sermon on church history: