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The Worldview Leadership Institute has been established to promote a better understanding of the world's cultures and to equip Christians with the training and educational tools needed to complete the Great Commission. To meet these goals we educate Christians about the worldviews and ideologies found within the cultures and religions throughout the world. These worldviews are contrasted with a Christian worldview in order to promote a better understanding between people from different cultures and to provide increased opportunities in which to share the Gospel. 

Much of the turmoil we see happening throughout the world today is a byproduct of the tension between world religions and competing ideologies results directly from their worldviews. Our desire is to make people aware of the various worldviews that exist and how we can interact more cooperatively with each other in light of the Gospel. By presenting an increased understanding of how worldviews interact culturally, we hope to promote a better understanding of the behavioral motivation behind many of the events we witness on the daily news. We believe an increased understanding of how worldviews function will result in opportunities to deal more effectively with controversial cultural issues and open doors to share the Gospel more effectively in a global context.

We will shed light on the importance of a holistic biblical worldview to Christians throughout the world. Ideas have consequences. We will be examining these ideas and their consequences in more detail to reveal how they have impacted the world historically. In particular we will be examining the theological history of America and Western Civilization. America has been gifted with more biblical revelation than any nation on earth and yet Christianity currently has little influence within Western culture. We want to promote a discussion on why this has happened and how this situation can be addressed in order to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus to disciple the nations of the world with biblical revelation. 

This is a work still in progress. We welcome your feedback and participation. If you have articles you would like us to post please send them to the email address found below. We will review the article and post it after approval. We want to make this a free go-to-site whenever people have questions regarding worldview issues. Our contact information is listed below. Be aware that there are scrolling functions designated with the symbols  <   >  v  in the left hand column. By clicking on these you will find more articles listed under the main category designations.



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