“We have progressively retreated into a pietistic bubble, concerned largely with eternal verities and keeping souls from hell, and we have faithlessly limited Christ’s jurisdiction to the institutional church. The result has been the marginalization of the Christian church and a change of religion in the public sphere. Joe Boot

The corrupt condition of American culture is, to a large degree, due to the dereliction of the Church, and its abandonment and surrender of the public square over the last 170 years to the pagans and secular humanism. Christian leaders bought into a theology that limits the sovereignty of Christ solely to the spiritual dimension of one's personal spiritual life and the interior walls of the church. Once again we see the dualistic split between the spiritual life of the individual and the natural world in which we live. This version of Christianity leads to the rise of an anemic church body that has lost its salty influence within the culture. Its leaders and people retreat from being involved in cultural issues and focus solely on their spiritual lives and their supposed personal relationship with God.

While elements of this theology arose with the Lutheran pietist movement in the 17th century, it really gained momentum when dispensational theology became the predominant theology within the evangelical churches and Christian organizations in America. Dispensational theology promoted a dualist Christianity in which there was a sharp split between the spiritual life and their involvement with the culture. As a result, the reins of cultural leadership were handed over to the pagans. A critical cultural organization which went to the pagans was the educational system in America. Schools from the elementary level all the way up to graduate schools were abandoned to the pagans. They took them over and implemented a secular approach to education after having rejected the earlier curriculums that contained references to Christianity and its worldview.

Today the pagans have total control of the public and state schools. They are implementing an atheistic curriculum that promotes a socialist and communist worldview. This ideology is the basis for all the racial divisions we see in America today. Christian leaders made a major tactical error when they gave up their influence in our educational systems. This retreat from the culture and life in the natural world is a direct result of the dualist theology that leads to pietism. Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer discusses the damage being done by this theological view and reinforces the truth that Jesus is Lord of all facets of life.

Here is the link to Why Pietism is Destroying America - https://ericconn.com/podcast/why-pietism-is-destroying-america/