Interpreting the Bible

Hermeneutics is the science of biblical interpretation. This is an important set of skills every Christian should have since the Bible is being misrepresented by people that purposely use the Bible to promote their own agendas. They often do not care to know what the Bible actually teaches regarding a topic but will use the Bible as a weapon to promote their own cause or agenda.

An example of this is how politicians (and even presidents) will say that the Bible cannot be relied upon to address today's issues since it is an outdated book filled with erroneous teachings. To make their point they will refer to the way the Bible dealt with the slavery issue. They falsely say that the Bible promotes the chattel slavery of people. But is that really true? No - a study of the facts related to this issue reveals a different reality. The Bible was actually used by Christian leaders like William Wilberforce to eliminate slavery from their nations.

The following articles reveal how the Bible needs to be interpreted in light of the slavery issue and how we must not be suckered in by politicians or other people that seek to denigrate the Bible by misrepresenting what it actually teaches.