The Bible reveals the history of Israel and the Jews as a lesson for how the nations should live in relation to Him and his laws. That history also reveals the conditions God requires for his people to repent from in order to bring a spiritual reawakening and blessings once again. Israel's relationship to God is a history of a series of blessings, followed by complacency and then outright rebellion against God and his laws. Judgment would then follow and the people suffered greatly as a result of their rebellion. Usually, God allowed the surrounding enemies of the Jews to bring judgment on them until they called out to God in repentance for their rebellious actions. God would then restore them via a spiritual reawakening showing them that living by his laws brings blessings. 

In like manner, the same principle applies to the Western nations and churches today. The Christian churches in the West have become corrupt and impotent.  The result has been a corruption of the nations in the West. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize we are in a vulnerable situation today. Our political leaders have passed legislation that goes contrary to God's morality regarding our monetary policy. Judgment has already begun as we head toward total economic failure with high inflation and a huge debt which our government leaders ignore. They continue spending larger sums of money as the debt has gotten totally out of control. We elect political leaders who believe they can pass off this debt to the next generation of young people. We want our children to inherit the results of our sinful act of overspending in order to live in luxury for today. 

Is there hope for the West? Yes, but only if we repent of our national sins and turn back to God. We must recognize that we are lost without His intervention. His laws are actually a gift to the nations. They reveal how we can enjoy peaceful and prosperous lives if we obey them. However, usually the only way God can get our attention is to allow what we worship as idols to be destroyed. Money and illegitimate sex have become idols within both the churches and cultures in the West. In order to get our attention God will let us continue to go our own way until the economy falls apart from our continued printing of fiat money. This will lead to unsustainable debt and inflation. The eventual result will be a total collapse of the economy, lawless chaos and the rise of tyranny. This can be avoided if we repent and turn back to God. However, it usually takes a catastrophic event, like the total breakdown of the economy and the culture, for God to get our undivided attention. 

Another way for a reawakening to occur is for church leaders to call for national repentance, teach our people their church history and the purpose for which God has created them. This should be an essential part of the process of discipleship required by Jesus in his last command for Christians to disciple the nations. We are to disciple the nations with everything God has revealed to us in the Bible. This includes his moral and civil laws. It is these laws that will lead to security, liberty and prosperity for the nations. Jordan Peterson discusses this history of the West in a conference addressing the state of Western Civilization.  

Some Christian leaders believe we are already seeing signs of revival.  They are hopeful we can repent before tragedy strikes our nation.