Social Justice

Social justice is not biblical justice.

The meaning of the term is important. Many use the term but they really don't understand what it means. This is important because God demands justice and injustice is sin.

Oxford Dictionary - a noun, chiefly politics and philosophy, justice at the level of a society or state as regards the possession of wealth, commodities, opportunities and privileges. See distributive justice. Social justice is distributive justice.

William Young defines social justice as, "While often an amorphous term, social justice has evolved to generally mean state redistribution of advantages and resources to disadvantaged groups to satisfy their rights and social and economic equality." Social justice state redistribution.

Social justice is a state issue - not a heart issue.

It is about groups - not individuals. Outcomes for groups.

An analysis of how power, privilege and oppression impact our experience of our social identities. Not the realities of our social identities but the experiences of our social identities. Full and equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually shaped to meet their needs. Note the emphasis here on meeting the needs of groups - not individuals! This includes a vision of society in which the distribution of resources is equitable. And all members of a space, community or institution or society are physically and psychologically safe and secure.

Mission of social justice. The mission of Christians regarding justice is to align ourselves with the word of God. See to it that things align with thus sayeth the Lord.

Social justice requires equity. Equity is about outcomes. Social justice is not about equality, it is about equity. Racial quotas as an example. Right now Harvard and Yale are being sued for having too many Asians.

Christians get sucked into the social justice theme due to race and social justice. Critical race theory is the engine driving the train. Right behind that engine is the racial justice issue. But there are numerous other issues connected to the social justice train engine other than racial justice. So, one must accept them all as a part of the social justice theme. Everything is a social justice issue until there is total equity in the civilization. If there is not total equity in all things - then there is still injustice somewhere since everyone must be equal to everyone else.