Chain of Liberty

America has problems, but there is a solution.

Throughout history, leaders and nations have attempted to control and contain their citizens while others have worked to counter them. Significant individuals, decisions, and documents have been turning points in the history of liberty, from the beginning of the human race to today.

The principles of liberty are unchanging and timeless. When understood and applied by individuals, they transform lives and nations. The United States exemplifies this to the world.

Taking a broad but factual approach to explaining the pathway of liberty through past events, the first part of this book simplifies the language and principles of liberty.

In the next section, readers learn about the history and succession of liberty in process and action from ancient to modern times—the ideologies of various governments; the governmental influence of the early church and the Reformation; and, eventually, the founding of the United States and the expansion and erosion of American government.

This book will help you understand the principles and history of liberty that have enabled individuals to enjoy the personal liberties of today. It will equip the reader to understand, restore, and preserve them.