errant Theologies

Politics is downstream from culture. And culture is down stream from the religious beliefs of the people within the culture. Whether a people's religious theology is solid or not has a direct impact on the worldview that is derived from it since its theology serves as the foundation for the worldview of that culture's people. Religious theologies are like seeds. The worldview fruit that comes from that seed is determined by the DNA of its religious theological foundations. If the religious theological foundations of a people's culture is not solid, then the worldview that comes out of their religious theology will likewise not be solid. So, when we are considering a worldview we need to initially examine the theological or religious presuppositions upon which its worldview is based.

In this section we will examine some of the common theological views dominant within the Protestant evangelical church stream. We will examine their theological foundations for biblical integrity since that integrity will determine how solid the foundations of its worldview will be.