God and Caesar

Jesus said, Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's, thereby approving (at least for this age) the idea of human government. The hard part is deciding what actually belongs to Caesar and what should be reserved exclusively for God. How Christians are to understand and apply Jesus' words has been a point of controversy since the days of the apostles. Many difficult issues that continue to trouble Christians are dealt with in this book: -Is there a biblical pattern for human government? -What should we as Christians expect from government? -Should Christians participate in government? -What does the Bible have to say about issues related to government such as wealth and poverty, left and right, crime and punishment, the family, education, censorship and pornography, civil disobedience, liberation theology, military service? -Do some systems of government follow biblical teaching more closely than others? What about American democracy - how does it measure up? Would a socialist or redistributive economic and governmental system be more biblical? John Eidsmoe brings a wealth of biblical insight, theological reflection, and practical experience to bear on the crucial issue of how biblical Christianity and politics relate. Here at last is a book that simply and clearly shows how we really can give both God and Caesar their due.