Political Correctness

Understanding the true history and intent of the Political Correctness movement in America. There is a major movement occurring in America to change and destroy our republic form of government and to eliminate the Christian faith. Tragically both our church and political leaders are asleep at the wheel. Buy this book and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to educate others in your social circle. Then buy copies of this book and spread the news. Here is a testimony of what is happening in our universities.

Back in 1972 during my M.A. program at the university my American history professor came steaming into the classroom a few minutes late. He had just come from the history department’s faculty meeting. He vented. He said that the department wanted to change the way that history should be taught. Instead of trying to strive for accuracy, trying to teach history as it really happened, as much as it was possible, they wanted history to be taught with “purpose.” What did that mean? He explained that the department wanted to teach history in a way that promotes the values that they considered important and that meant designing the course materials and lectures to promote what they considered important and to influence students to reject other ideas and opinions. This also meant not teaching some things. Only teach what promotes the agenda.

The professor was incensed. He totally disagreed. I will never forget his statement. He said, “I told them (the faculty members supporting this new mission) that is not history. It is propaganda!”

For years I wondered what was driving this change in the way universities and colleges teach? Well, this book on political correctness answered that question. Reading it was an “aha” moment for me. There is a real driving force behind it all and it’s success has consequences for all of us.

Buy the book and read it. Understand the roots of this movement. Then, get involved in addressing this ideology that is destroying our nation.