Sword of Islam

The book pulls no punches in identifying the rise of Islamic fundamentalism as the greatest danger to Western values since the end of the Cold War. This books outlines Islam's fundamentalist origins, basic tenets, historical record and the implications for the rest of us.

Trifkovic's book is a great introduction to Islam, its history, and its goals for the world. Here the big goal is world domination. If this were to occur (God help us if it does), then Muslims will rule the day and all non-Muslims will be subdued and humiliated under the draconian Sharia law.

Trifkovic shows that Islam is an inherently intolerant and violent religion, something devout Muslims don't want the West to know. Rather, these Islamic propagandists present a cotton candy version of Islam to the West in the hopes of getting the West to let its guard down, which will allow Islam to gain a stronger foothold in the West. Then, perhaps a century from now, once Muslims have political and military power in Western countries, they'll once again go on the warpath and conquer the West through jihad and dhimmitude, just like Muslims did in the old days of the various Islamic caliphates.

Failing to realize what Islam is and what it has in store for non-Muslims will be catastrophic for the West. If Islam were to ever conquer Europe and America, then the earth will become unchained from its sun, and humanity will be cast into outer darkness where, as Hobbes put it, life will be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.