It has never worked!

Socialism has a long history of failure. Socialism is built on a utopian dream in which everone shares everything with everyone. Socialism is built on the human trait of envy. Those who want this form of governent believe in that we should all share everything equally. No one should be allowed to have anything more than their neighbor. This is known as equity. Many people confuse this term with the word equality, such as having equaity under ourlaws in which everyone is treated the same under our law system. This is far from that meaning. If you have more food than your neighbor the duty of the state officials would be to take what you have and give it to someone who has less. In reality this is a equal sharing of misery. There is no incentive to work since the government would take anything that you got more than your neighbor. The Soviet Union's economy fell apart because no one had an incentive to work. If you worked harder than your neighbor you would still receive the same wages even though they refused to work. The end result is a complete loss of any incentive to work.