Biblical principles

The Bible is God's revelation to mankind. It explains where we came from, the purpose for our lives in relation to God's purposes, who is in charge, how we should live in relation to God and our neighbors, and where we will go after we die. It provides us with a holistic worldview that explains reality and addresses what we need to know in order to live successfully in the short lifetime he has given us in this world.

The Bible provides mankind with the the knowledge and principles needed to live faithfully unto God in light of God's purpose for us. We are to treasure the Bible since it is the only written revelation given to us by our Creator. In it God reveals to us what we need to know regarding reality and how we are to live out God's will for our lives.

After Jesus was resurrected He commanded us to disciple the nations of the world in the Great Commission. To accomplish this goal we want to list and describe as many biblical principles that we can gather and make them freely available to Christians and non-Christians all over the world. This site can be used as a resource for anyone wishing to gain access to the principles and biblical knowledge needed to disciple and transform both their nation and culture so they reflect a more biblical and just society. God has provided us with the internet as a tool of communication so we can freely give God's word and principles to anyone within the world who desires this knowledge. If you would like to participate in our efforts to fulfill the Great Commission, please send us any works you would like posted on this site that relate to completing this Great Commission.