American Christian Founding

There is much debate about the Founding of America and how much of a role Christian principles played in the establishment of its governing principles. The reality is that there is an abundance of evidence proving the Christian faith played a major role in its founding. Beginning with the earliest settlers in our nation, the Calvinistic influenced Puritans and Pilgrims, to the final composition of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The influence of Christian principles can be found everywhere in both our nation's early history and the documents that established the colonial state governments. In this section we will examine articles and book references that prove the major influence that Christianity had on our nation's founding.

Why is this an important issue? Our youth are getting a distorted version of American history. They are being told that America's founding was based solely on political ideas that originated in past history from Greek and Roman cultures. This undermines the major role that Reformed Covenant biblical ideas played in our nation's founding. The books listed in this section provide the evidence for the real role Christian principles played in our nation's founding.