World religions


 There are only two religions in the world, Christianity and everything else. Christianity differs in a dramatic way from other religions based on its theological belief called the creator-creature distinction. Christianity recognizes the creator God that made the universe and everything in it, including people. All other world religions worship an element of the creation, or nature, rather than a Creator separate from his creation. This is known as Pantheism where nature is considered god. The creation is all that exists and is considered divine. This is also known as monism in which everything in the universe is considered one divine entity which is god. Since humans are part of the created order they have part of that creational divinity within themselves. Therefore, we are also considered to be divine. Or as is stated in the Star Wars movies, the force is within you. The spark of divinity found within all people returns to the god force/energy of the created order once we die. We then become one with the universe again as we regain our fully divine status by merging back within the divine force of the creation order. From the perspective of this worldview, living in a human body is seen as being separated from one's ultimate divine status. They see death as the release from being confined to a human body, so the earlier one dies the better off they are since they can then regain their god-like divinity as they merge back into the creational void.  


"A must-read for every concerned American--and especially for every Christian who weeps at the graveside of his culture." --R.C. Sproul

A cataclysmic change has occurred as our culture has shifted toward belief in "Oneism."

Every religion and philosophy fits into one of two basic worldviews: "Oneism" asserts that everything is essentially one, while "Twoism" affirms an irreducible distinction between creation and Creator. The Other Worldview exposes the pagan roots of Oneism, traces its spread throughout Western culture, and demonstrates its inability to save.

"For bodily holiness and transformed thinking . . . we depend entirely on one amazing thing: the incredibly powerful message of the Gospel to a sinful world, which is the ultimate expression and goal of Twoism. The only hope is in Christ alone."