Cultural Marxism

Communism originally pushed for the workers of the world to unite in order to overthrow their overlords - the people that provided them their jobs. Basically the appeal of communism was basically based on greed. The communists promised to "spread the wealth" of the rich people in the society so everyone would get a piece of the pie. However, they ran into a problem. Americans and other nations were very satisfied with capitalism since they were getting the material things they desired in life, such as a good job and a home they could own.

The communists had to come up with a new strategy. They would have to promote revolution by appealing to cultural differences in the population. In America they appealed to race and envy. They were aware of America's past racial problems so they focused in on those cultural issues and spent their efforts on getting the people to rise and promote violence based on these old social wounds. Critical race theory is the means by which they made their appeal. And it worked. The recent riots in America are a result of convincing blacks that the police are out to get them, even though the facts prove just the opposite. But race is just one issue that the Marxists are using to divide and conquer the American people. Sex is another angle they seek to inflame Americans with when it comes to identity politics. To understand what is happening within our culture one needs to see the big picture and what is happening behind the scenes with activist ideologues.