Cultural Marxism

I placed cultural Marxism in this slot because Christians need to understand the nature of the battle for our culture that is occurring in our nation, as well as in other parts of the world. Tragically, many Christian leaders are asleep at the wheel and don't know what is happening or they are being won over to a false social justice message that incorporates Marxism into Christianity. We refer these Marxist Christian evangelical leaders as being "woke." This mixture of Christianity and communist ideology is attractive because it deals with a legitimate problem that exists in our nation. Christian leaders have ignored cultural issues in America because they bought into a false duality that is Gnostic in nature. It convinces Christian leaders that Christianity only applies to the spiritual life - not the material world which includes the culture. You can identify these leaders who state that their only responsibility is to "preach" the Gospel and serve the sacraments. When it comes to addressing the many cultural sins within our culture they turn a blind eye and say it is not their business.

Well known Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer addressed this problem and its false Gnostic theology in his writings. He predicted the fatal consequences it has had on the churches in America and our culture. Jesus taught that we are supposed to be both light and salt within the world. Christian leaders that buy into this dualistic theology that over-spiritualizes the faith fail to act as the sale that preserves our culture. In fact, they hand the leadership of the culture over to the Marxist pagans. The division we currently see in America is a byproduct of an anemic church that has lost its salty influence. Jesus referred to this form of Christianity and Christian leadership as "worthless."

There is a battle going on for the control of the world. Satan knows his time is short. He has blinded many Christian leaders who have bought into the mixed message of "woke" Marxist liberation theology. Satan wants to destroy America because of the strong influence of Christianity in our culture and in the world. The trojan horse he is using is Marxist liberation theology which mixes the Gospel with Marxist ideology and social justice. The video clip I have posted here by Larry Taunton does a great job of presenting the issues in a clear manner that makes it easy for the layman to understand. I have also included literature reference and books you can use to follow up and educate yourself on this issue. You can then "humbly" approach your church leaders and gift them with several of these books and this video to bring them up to speed. Ask them if you can teach a Sunday school class on this topic. There are numerous ways you can get involved, just make sure you are in prayer and that God is leading your efforts. Stay humble and don't become arrogant or impatient if your church leaders don't immediately understand the problem. Put yourself in their shoes and consider their point of view. Seek God and he will show you how to address this problem.  

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