Republic Governments

American government is based on a republic pattern of governance. Americans choose representatives to meet at their governmental centers where they represent the will of their constituency. If the people do not like the way their rep is voting they can vote them out at the next election cycle. Our Founders examined governmental patterns of government throughout history and determined that the republic form was the best pattern to get true representative government. They absolutely rejected a democracy, especially after what happened with the French Revolution and the anarchy with the mass murders that occurred there.

Asserts that America's historic Christian principles of civil and religious liberty are just as relevant to the complex issues presented by the twenty-first century. The goal of the book is to equip readers to contend against postmodern principles which are destructive counterfeits of true Biblical principles by redeploying America's historic values and principles that framed her liberty. 1) God's Principle of Individuality-Authentic: Created Personhood and It's Unique Identity versus Counterfeit: Collectivism and Multiculturalism 2) Christian Principle of Self-Government and Christian Character-Authentic: Individual Authority and Responsibility versus Counterfeit: Government Control and Regulation 3) "Conscience Is the Most Sacred of All Property" or Liberty of Conscience-Authentic: Individual Stewardship of Property versus Counterfeit: The Welfare State's Redistribution of Property 4) Christian Form of Government and the Principle of Local Self-Government -Authentic: Representative Republic with Limited Civil Government versus Counterfeit: Expanding Centralization of Power 5) Christian Principle of American Political Union-Authentic: Sovereignty of the Nation-State versus Counterfeit: Subjection to International Bodies