Discipling Nations

Have Christians underestimated the power of God s truth to transform entire societies? In Discipling Nations, Darrow Miller builds a powerful and convincing thesis that God s truth not only breaks the spiritual bonds of sin and death but can free whole societies from deception and poverty. Completely revised and updated for the third edition, Discipling Nations will challenge, reenergize, and equip Christians everywhere who labor to see His kingdom come, His will be done. Darrow Miller is one of the most influential people in my life. And one of the primary ways he has impacted me is through this classic book. In fact, the older I get, the more I can see the wisdom Darrow has packed into every page. I urge you to take up and read. Brian Fikkert, coauther of When Helping Hurts 

Many Christian leaders have thrown in the towel and have resigned themselves to the belief that we cannot disciple the nations of the world, despite the command by Jesus to do just that. As one popular Christian leaders states it, "We lose down here!" Many Christian leaders are totally convinced they broken the code to understanding the book of Revelation and that the church of Jesus Christ is fated to lose, according to their understanding of Revelation. The major problem with this view is that it undermines the Great Commission given by Jesus to "disciple the nations." 

Vishal Mangawaldi describes how William Wilderforce and the Clapham Group of Christian leaders in England both eliminated the slave trade in England and helped to transform India. They were motivated that they could actually do what Jesus commanded them to accomplish when he gave the the Great Commission. Unlike many Christian leaders today, these men banded together in their efforts to accomplish what Jesus instructed us to do in the Great Commission. This is a great read and gives us a pattern of how we can actually help to transform whole nations into Christian nations.