Cultural Transformation Is Biblical

Christians are often confused with regard to whether cultural transformation is a valid Christian objective. This is especially true when Christian leaders tell them that God's kingdom is not of this world. Too often they hear this from their own church leaders who tell them not to waste time getting involved with changing the culture. However, Jesus instructed us to pray that his kindom would come and that his will would be done on the earth as it is being done in heaven. That includes bringing his will to bear on the surrounding culture by helping to change it.

To address this issue we need to go back to the Bible for the answer. When Pilot and Jesus were discussing the fate of Jesus Pilot told him he had the authority to take his life. Jesus responded that he had that authority only bcause Gd gave it to him. Pilot was worried about his authority being undermined by Jesus. Jesus assured him that his authority was not of this world. This did not mean that God's kingdom is not in this world but that the source for the authority of Jesus did not originate from this world. The authority for his kingdom comes from God - not from any earthly source, such as a political position or through an earthly army. His kingdom authority comes from a higher source. It comes from the God that rules the universe. The following audio link gives a further evaluation of this topic in more depth.

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