Identity Marxism

A strategy of communism is to divide and conquer cultures by any means possible. This is the basis for identity politics that is so prevalent within America. The Marxist controlled media is especially guilty of dividing the American people in the way that they present the news. Their presentations are geared to divide us as a people by race and sexuality. This has resulted in much harm. America is one of the least racist nations on the planet, yet the news makes it sound like it is open season on blacks. The statistics kept by the FBI and other government agencies reveal just the opposite. However, the manner in which the news has been distorted has led to the riots across America which we have seen recently.

SOCIALISM: THE DREAM OF AN IDEAL SOCIETY? Is it a wonderful "utopia" or a totalitarian nightmare? Will everything be free or will deep-state bureaucrats decide who gets what? Did Plato, Thomas More, & Francis Bacon propose social ownership of property? Is there a difference between socialism and communism? Did Pilgrims attempt "a communistic plan of life"? What happened? How did the Pilgrims' covenant under God become the Age of Enlightenment's social contract with a distant God, become the French Revolution's social contract with no god, become Marxism's "the state is god"? "If the state gives rights, it can, and inevitably will, take away those rights"-Eisenhower. Was France's Reign of Terror a model for future socialist revolutions? The Bible talks about private property, yet Marx wrote: "The theory of the communists may be summed up...Abolition of private property." Coolidge wrote "It does not follow that because something ought to be done, the national government ought to do it."