Gnostic Empire Strikes Back

In this book, Dr. Jones answers the questions raised about the commonality of militant feminism, Eastern religions, Homosexual rights, Nature worship and political correction: What do these ideologies have in common? Gay rights are promoted in popular magazines, public radio, and Hollywood. Feminist spirituality is making inroads into Christianity. Christian students are being silenced in the name of religious tolerance. Mystical techniqes for achieving well-being and self-knowledge are being adopted in the business world and military. Are these just coincidental trends?

Dr. Jones says "NO." This book goes in depth to show that these are expressions of an ancient heresy reasserting itself today called Gnosticism--a heresy of self-deification--returning with a vengeance in the New Age movement. This was an incredible eye-opener for me; however, Dr. Jones did an incredible job of linking these pagan ideologies back to Gnosticism which dominated society in the first three centuries of the Christian church. Dr. Jones makes a brilliant case by answering this question: Are these apparently disconnected issues really part of a coherent pagan ideology pointed to impose its religious belief system on the New World Order (the Age of Aquarius) of the twenty-first century. Dr, Jones "connects the dots" in a masterful presentation, answering this question lucidly and with great knowledge of the material.

This is a wake up call to any Christian or Christ follower to contend for the faith and use the sword of God's Word to put pagan Gnosticism to flight in this time as it was from the early true Christian church! The Gnosticism of the 21st century has many threads which are being woven into varying facets of our lives, to the eternal destruction of our souls!

If you are looking for a fast read to get a taste of growing and prevalent trends within our culture and seeping into our churches, look no further. In just 5 chapters Peter Jones introduces the reader to a varied and expansive field with an aim (from the tail-end of the intro.) to:

* clarify the true nature of forces opposing Christians today

* warn the church

* encourage Christian believers

Each chapter contains a detailed notes section which the reader can use for a more in depth study. Since this book was published in 1992, undoubtedly some of the examples and book references may appear somewhat "dated,' but still very relevant.

Some key topics touched on in this study are:

* diversity and "kaleidoscope" of ideas found within Gnostic & new age teachings

* Nag Hammadi texts and the idea that believers find salvationnthrough self-actualization and realization

* the "light" (presumably of truh) is within you

* serpent motif

* prayer/ chanting

* reincarnation

* "Christ consciousness"

* feminism

* Hindu chakras

* Goddess worship

* Liberal theology & the hypothetical "Q" document

As you can see in this list, Jones tackles a wide field in a great short work. Just enough for a starting place.