Last Days

The study of the last days of world history as determined by biblical studies is called eschatology. This topic is important in the lives of Christians because it can directly affect how one relates to the culture and the Great Commission. Jesus commanded us to disciple the nations of the world as we share the Gospel with the people of the world. If you believe our time is short and we will not be around very long one may think discipling the nations is a lost cause which can never be accomplished. In fact, many church leaders teach this perspective as true and they see no point in trying to disciple even in their own churches. As one famous church leader once stated, "Why polish the brass on a sinking ship?" According to his view we are only supposed to share the Gospel with as many people as possible before Jesus comes to take us away in an event known as the rapture.

The problem with this view is that it undermines the last command given by Jesus to the disciples (us) to disciple the nations teaching them everything Jesus has revealed to them through the Bible. This often leads to superficial conversion in which people, who initially express a belief in Christianity, are left to fend for themselves even though they are newborns to the faith. Christians that may have helped to share the Gospel with them see it as a waste of time to help them mature since Jesus could return at any second. Rather than help these newly born again believers to mature in the faith, they leave them in persuit of reaching others that have not heard the Gospel yet.