Education and Faith

No Neutrality in Education

There is no such thing as neutrality when it comes to religious and worldview issues. Every religion and worldview will seek to undermine and rule over all others. About the only exception to this rule is naïve Christians who actually believe they should be neutral and treat all religions and worldviews as allies, not competitors. This is especially true when one considers education. Education is by its very nature a religious undertaking. This is because values are going to be discussed within the curriculum as well as by the teacher's own religion and worldview.

The responsibility for the education of children lies with the parents, according to God's instructions within the Bible. This is a critical matter to God since the educational process involves the transfer of values from one generation to the next generation. If a breakdown occurs within only one generation, the next generation will have lost the purpose which God intends for the life of every individual and the world in light of the Gospel.

Unfortunately the pagans seem to understand this principle better than most Christians and their church leaders. The battle of ideas is critical to the survival of any culture since there is no neutrality in the battle of ideas. Tyrants know this principle well and will always take over the educational institutions in order to win over a culture in the long-term battle for total control. The following video demonstrates this point effectively. Articles, books and references follow in the scroll down sections.

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