Calvin and Culture

No other Christian teachings in the past five hundred years have affected our Western culture as deeply as the worldview of John Calvin. It extends far beyond the theological disciplines as demonstrated by the list of contributors and subjects below. They have inspired a large number of followers to apply his thought to every form of human endeavor, so that the power of Calvin's worldview continues to this day.


• Art—William Edgar, Westminster Seminary

• Business—Richard C. Chewning, Baylor University

• Economics—Timothy D. Terrell, Wofford College

• History—Darryl G. Hart, Intercollegiate Studies Institute

• Journalism—Warren Cole Smith, World magazine

• Law—John Witte Jr., Emory University School of Law

• Literature—Leland Ryken, Wheaton College

• Medicine—Franklin E. (Ed) Payne, Medical College of Georgia

• Music—Paul S. Jones, Tenth Presbyterian

• Philosophy—William C. Davis, Covenant College

• Politics—Paul Marshall, The Hudson Institute

• Science—Don Petcher, Covenant College