The World Is Christ's

The 'Two Kingdoms' controversy has become a matter of increasing scholarly debate in recent decades. However, this is one debate which is not confined to the academy.

As Willem J. Ouweneel demonstrates in The World is Christ's, behind the scholarly terms lie very practical, everyday questions, such as where to shop, whether and how to vote, and how to educate our children. The Two Kingdoms controversy is at root a question of how we ought to understand and live in a world that refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.

Dr. Ouweneel details a number of historical, logical, and exegetical considerations surrounding these questions, and helps readers understand that everything we do is an act of worship--the issue is whether our worship is directed toward God or away from him.

It is through us that God wants to realize his kingdom, every day a bit further, in every domain of life, because the world is Christ's.