Cultural Marxism

Since the 1960s, a war has been raging. It is not a war between armies or nations; it is a war of ideas. It is being fought between the values of Christianity, which have built Western civilization into the greatest civilization in human history, and the values of Marxism. Although traditional Marxism, or Classical Marxism, has been effectively extinct since the 1990s, Cultural Marxism has spread like a disease through every aspect of Western society, threatening to bring that society crashing down. , Western politics, education, and even popular entertainment are saturated with Marxist values. An atmosphere of authoritarian intolerance for honest discourse and freedom of speech is now rife. The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a compact, yet comprehensive, source of reference for understanding the phenomenon of Cultural Marxism, both in the context of history and in terms of the present day. Topics covered by this book include;* A history of the philosophical evolution of Cultural Marxism, from the philosophies of Kant and Hegel to Classical Marxism, to the counter-culture of the 1960s.* How the Frankfurt School developed Cultural Marxism, by combining Classical Marxism with the pseudointellectual schools of Freudian psychoanalysis and Boasian anthropology.*The similarities and differences between Classical and Cultural Marxism.* How Cultural Marxism gained a foothold in Western academia by hijacking identity politics.* The formula of Critical Theory, which allows Cultural Marxists to manipulate and control discourse, through the intellectually dishonest redefining of words.* How Cultural Marxism can perpetuate itself by establishing self-reinforcing cultural and economic feedback loops.* How Cultural Marxism has created an authoritarian intolerance for debate through the creation of political correctness.* The ideological alliance that Cultural Marxism has engineered between the political Left and radical Islam.* The creation of the modern-day Marxist foot soldier; the Social Justice Warrior, or SJW.* How SJW's behave, and why. 

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That Hideous Strength

In 2018 EP published the original That Hideous Strength: how the West was lost; the book originated as lecture notes author Melvin Tinker prepared for a conference in Jerusalem that year. That edition deliberately had no footnotes and was as compact as possible to appeal to a wide audience. There have been many requests for a footnoted and expanded edition here it is, a third larger than the original. The first edition as a 'primer' and 'wakeup call' to enable Christians especially to try and understand what has been happening in our Western culture for the last few decades due to the influence of what is identified as 'cultural Marxism' or 'Critical Theory'. Many commented that it helped them make connections not seen before; for others, it was an 'aha moment', with the light suddenly being switched on as to why much of the Judeo-Christian foundations of the West have been eroded while the Church sleeps. As well as unpacking in more detail some of the ideas of cultural Marxists and the way their strategies are being worked out in our society, the author has also sought to put more flesh on what the Church's response might look like by drawing attention to what has been called 'the Benedict Option' and developing the concept proposed by Charles Taylor - the 'social imaginary.' Another significant addition is an outline of the ideas of classical Marxism which places the current concern for cultural Marxism in its proper historical and philosophical context It also serves to underscore that in many ways the new Marxism is a revamping of the old Marxism with consequences no less disastrous. This version includes a Postscript on the rise of 'Black Lives Matter' following the death of George Floyd. 

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