God has principles within the Bible that show how money should be established so as to keep it honest and prevent inflation. Once the government is allowed to manipulate the money supply, it will always be abusive of that power. The government can be corrupt in other ways as well since the policies will be driven by the people that vote for those politicians or by leaders that attain power by coercive means for their own agendas.

Economics is a critically important arena for Christians to be involved in. This is especially true since economics directly affects the welfare of the neighbors that surround me. Based on the impact it can have on people it is definitely a part of the Great commission. God cares about the welfare of people and he has provided us with the knowledge to provide for ourselves and our neighbors. Below are some videos that discuss the biblical principles that God has provided to mankind through his revelations about economics found within the Bible.

Wayne Grudem on The Poverty of Nations:

The whole world has a stake in the war against poverty and leaders across the globe are looking for a permanent solution. That’s why economist Barry Asmus and theologian Wayne Grudem have teamed up to outline a robust proposal for fighting poverty on a national level. These two experts believe the solution lies in a comprehensive development plan that integrates the principles of a free market system with the Bible’s teachings on social ethics. Speaking to the importance of personal freedom, the rule of law, private property, moral virtue, and education, this book offers a clear path for promoting economic prosperity and safeguarding a country’s long-term stability―a sustainable solution for a world looking for the way forward.