A Comparison

The author compares the two systems and what they teach. Whether it is realized or not, every person has a system of theology. It may be a highly developed one, or it may be a very simplistic one. It may be well formulated with a careful and purposeful consistency, or it may be just a few convictions about several individual doctrines with no overall relationship to one another or concern for a harmony of the whole

Two of the strongest systems of our day are know as Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology. Throughout this century they have been challenging one another for consideration in the minds of Christians.

In this present work Richard P. Belcher seeks in the first two chapters to state in an objective manner the convictions of both systems. In the final chapter he compares the two in important areas of thinking. In the conclusion he gives instructions for a Christian to consider when building a system of theology, as one tries to understand which system of theology is really more Scriptural.