No Free Lunch

A basic rule in economics is that there is no such thing as a "free lunch." Nothing ever comes for free in this life. If a politician promises to give you something free, you can write that person off your list for being a potential candidate you would vote for because they are either ignorant economically or outright evil by lying for your vote. Nations that are under the yoke of socialism or communism bought into the lies by politicians that the people could get social services for free if only they were voted into power. Ignorant people voted for them now realizing that they trading their liberty for cheap political promises from evil politicians willing to enslave them so that they could live off the sweat of their new slaves.

The best way to defend the cause of human flourishing against this current onslaught of dangerous economic thinking is to relearn time-tested economic truths.

The verdict is in: Free enterprise has lifted billions of people out of abject poverty all over the world and provided a higher quality of life than has ever been thought possible. But a growing case is forming in public opinion against free markets, and for a significantly larger command & control management of the economy. Whether you call it socialism or progressive leftism, more and more people are turning away from the forces of freedom and social cooperation that made the last two hundred years of prosperity possible, and embracing a system that deprives human beings of their dignity, impoverishing whole societies both financially and spiritually.

What David Bahnsen does here is pull from the masters—the great economic voices of the past and the present—to remind readers of the basic economic truths that must serve as our foundation in understanding the challenges of today. In 250 vital points, he combines pearls of wisdom from economic legends with his own careful commentary to provide readers the perspective, information, and reaffirmation they need in order to see economics for what it is. It will empower you and equip you with the truth—250 truths—that are crucially needed to keep the lights on in civilization and advance the cause of human flourishing.