Why Creeds?

Why a book on the creeds and confessions of the Church? A single book containing the actual texts of the most important creeds of the early Church will not often be found. Out of the multitude of works on the evangelical Christian book market today, those dealing with the creeds of the Church are scarce. This book contains the full texts of the most important creeds of the early Church. The purpose is to put into the reader's hands a book containing the creeds that all Christians throughout the ages - Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant - have believed. When we come to the Reformation period, we will see that the matter of salvation and church government became a matter of debate. However, there has always been a continuous thread of teaching that all Christians have held in common. Why Creeds and Confessions? provides a foundation of biblical orthodoxy as a defense against the false and truly heretical doctrines advanced by the spirit of this age.