Homelessness has become a major problem. Government programs to address this issue have proven worthless because they do not address the underlying causes. Much of the problem deals with people who are addicted to drugs. Basically, it is first of all a heart issue that must be addressed in order to provide lasting change. This agrees with the biblical principle that as a person thinks in their heart, so are they! The individual must commit to wanting change in order to break away from an addiction. This decision must then be coupled with counseling to help that individual to make the change. The process involves time and commitment since the addicted are a very hard population to work with and it requires much patience working with these type of people. Once they are successful in making the change in their lives they then need to in a community in which they can be held accountable and given badly needed support. This is a very badly needed ministry opportunity for churches to meet help these people. The following video presents the issue in more detail.