Since we are created in God's image he deals with us on an individual basis. Individuality is a reflection of God's image. This allows for individual responsibility in our relation to God and others. This perspective goes against the grain of the secular view of man in which people are not treated as being unique but they are a part of a group or the collective. Following are the characteristics of God:

1. He is not a force but an individual.

2. Unique, there is none like him.

3. Immanence.

4. Omnipotent.

5. Infinite.

6. Perfect

7. Transcendent

8. All knowing

Characteristics of man:

1. Loving capacity

2. Relational

3. creative

4. Sense of justice

5. Capacity for reason, memory, understanding, free will,

6. Inherent dignity and common grace prevent humans from attaining ultimate evil.