Justification By Faith

Every generation needs to struggle with the theological issues that led to the Protestant Reformation and the great biblical reset. The crux of the issues that led to the Reformation was in what manner is one justified before a Holy God for one's sins and what is the final authority regarding the Gospel - the church or the Bible? Luther went against the Roman Catholic church as the final authority on truth and pointed people back to the Bible as the final authority in biblical matters. He taught that one is justified solely by the grace of God alone after one places their trust in what Jesus did for them at the crucifixion. This was a revolutionary concept that was to have major cultural implications globally as well as impacting the personal faith of each individual. This is a critical understanding of the Christian faith which is rarely taught in churches (or seminaries) today. Yet, it remains essential to the proper understanding of the Gospel and what Jesus did for us with his sacrifice under God's law.