Social Justice and Slavery

Social justice is a nebulous term used by Marxist ideologues to split people within nations in order to turn these nations into communist states. In America we are seeing this tactic used to divide Americans according to race issues. When communist agitators realized they could not use economic and class issues to divide the people within Western nations, they changed their startegy. They realized that race could be a very effective tool to divide people. This is the stategy being used in Black Lives Matter.

According to this strategy blacks are told they are victims of a rigged cultural system in the West in which they are kept at a lower economic level in life due to racism. Whites are supposedly keeping blacks trapped in lower paying jobs due to the racism common to all white people. Blacks are taught to see themselves as victims of "the man." In this case, white peopel are seen as oppressors keeping the blacks in a lower economic class.

Blacks are then encouraged to rise up against their oppressors and fight back for their rights and reparations. They are to take positions of leadership from whites and take charge of the culture. The end-result is a rae war in which blacks are to seek the destruction of their oppressors and place them in the oppressed position. Past historic slavery is the emotional hook that the communist stategists use to convince blacks that they are the victims of a white racist culture from which they must free themselves. However, historically this accusation has not merit since slavery is a universal problem people from all racial backgrounds have suffered. Candice Owens gives a brief description and history of slavery down through time. She reveals how historically even white people were enslaved as well as blacks.